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Best quality pieces with 18K gold and HRD
or GIA certified diamonds.

Lala diamonds was created to be a full online store. Our dream? To reach everyone everywhere with our competitive prices and sought-after quality stones. Lala gemstones are consciously and ethically sourced from partners around the world. From Angola to Sri Lanka, our partners follow the Kimberley process guidelines; They have a legacy in the rough diamond trade, manufacturing, wholesale, ritual, bidding/auctioning diamonds, or creating diamond jewelry. Every one of our pieces is made with love, care, and attention.

Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly Sourced.

Formed over million of years ago, natural diamonds are astonishing rare and gifts from nature. Survived through molten lava and volcanic eruptions - are becoming rarer. We must cherish this natural gift. We layer our gems with precious metals, always using solid 18K gold. Wear fine jewellery everyday, and wear it forever.

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